Welcome to FC Davis Futures, a community college program aimed at providing players in our local area a pathway to collegiate soccer while working towards their four year degree.

Due to the lack of a local community college soccer program west of the causeway, FC Davis is taking on the responsibility to give our local high school players a program to aspire to be a part of.

Please find program information below.

Player Eligibility

Players eligible for FC Davis Futures are high school graduates from:

  • Davis High School

  • Dixon High School

  • Woodland High School

  • Pioneer High School

  • Winters High School

  • Vacaville High School

  • Will C. Wood High School

  • Esparto High School


A select number of spots will be held for players at the following schools:


  • Natomas High School

  • Inderkum High School

  • River City High School

  • Fairfield High School

  • Armijo High School

  • Vanden High School

  • Rodriguez High School

There will also be a select number of spots available for players who recently graduated from local high schools and are looking to get their education back on track.

Academic Programming

FC Davis Futures academic programing and requirements include:


  • Full-Time Student at Woodland Community College


FC Davis Futures players will enroll as a full-time student at Woodland Community College. Each student-athlete will be required to complete 30 transferable units by the end of year one in order to be a part of the program their second year.


  • Guaranteed UC and CSU Acceptance 


FC Davis Futures will leverage TAG, ASSIST and other programs available to WCC that guarantees a transfer seat to a four year school of each player's choice. Each student-athlete will be required to select five potential destinations to get their four year degree. This will allow for degree and financial planning for each college on their list.


  • Minimum GPA


Instead of mandating a minimum GPA that would be too low for admittance to any four year school, a player's GPA must be the minimum required by the schools of their choice. If a player has five schools on their list and the minimum guaranteed transfer GPA is 3.0, that is the number a player must meet to stay eligible on the team.


  • Summer Internships


It isn’t enough to just be accepted into a four year school, student-athletes need to be accepted into a four year school with experience. As a program, we will require freshman players take on a summer internship in an area of their interest. FC Davis will leverage relationships within the local business community to help facilitate this part of a students learning plan.


  • Financial Literacy Program


Student debt is a problem that plagues over 45 million people. Collectively, these students owe nearly $1.6 trillion dollars. Many of these graduates and non-graduates will be stuck with the weight of bills around their neck for years, sometimes decades after leaving school. The cycle of debt can be debilitating to getting a start in life and we plan to do something about it for our student-athletes. Every player will be required to complete a personal finance course followed by a personal finance plan. This course will cover credit cards and retirement accounts as well as opening up bank accounts and building credit.


  • Volunteering Hours


Giving back to the community is a critical component of the development of student-athletes. As a team, players will need to complete 30 hours of community service each season. These hours can be served at nursing homes, animal shelters, or any area student-athletes want to give back.

League Play

FC Davis is applying to put our Futures program in the UPSL, a national amateur league that has local teams from Sacramento and Elk Grove to Vacaville and Fairfield. It is critical that players who want to pursue college soccer at a four year school are prepared to make the jump. The UPSL will be a perfect fit for this goal with competition at a level that is on par or above collegiate play.

Next Steps

FC Davis Futures was scheduled to launch in Fall of 2021. Due to COVID, the program's inaugural season will be Fall of 2022.


Once normalcy returns, formal recruiting will begin for the class of 2022.


Player recruiting and evaluations will take place at high school and club matches. Players can enter in their information to our recruiting database starting their freshman year of high school. This information will be used by our staff and coordinators to monitor player development during their high school years.


If you have any questions on the program, please email: info@footballclubdavis.com