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Game On For FC Davis Women

This past Saturday, FC Davis hosted a meeting for those interested in being a part of the first-ever supporter-owned semi-professional women’s soccer team in America.

The meeting mobilized community members from Davis, Dixon, Woodland, Winters, Vacaville, Natomas, Sacramento, and West Sacramento.

At the meeting, attendees were served hard facts on the realities of women’s professional soccer, complete with statistics on player pay and opportunity, while also providing an outline to get from soccer start-up to on-field product.

“If you asked someone, anyone, even a couple of years ago if something like this was possible, the response would have been no,” said FC Davis owner Adam Lewin. “Everyone here today shows the power of risk, reward, positivity and momentum.”

The heart of the meeting was based around creating an organization that can be used to flip the current state of women's soccer on its head. By constructing a supporter-owned model that works in Davis, it can spread to other areas of the country to alter the current landscape female players are being subjected to.

Lewin's lofty goals has the potential to make Davis the epicenter of change for the women's game. After surveying initial responses from Saturday's meeting, this might be exactly the place to do it.

“We are lucky to be in an area that is populated by people who want to have an impact,” said Lewin. “There is no better way to initiate change than with like-minded people who want to use the game of soccer as a platform to inspire our youth and help countless others around the country. It's a unique, extraordinary, once in a lifetime opportunity.”

If you are interested in following along and receiving more information on the women's team, please enter your email at the following link:

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