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Bolkan Leads Way For FC Davis WPSL Bid

Cem Bolkan will serve as Executive Director for the FC Davis Women’s Team, leading an expansion process that seeks to secure the first ever semi-pro women's soccer team in Davis history.

Currently the head of Davis AYSO, Bolkan knows the game on a community level that will help propel the women’s team into a role that goes far beyond the pitch.

With his love for the community and the game, Bolkan plans to do just that.

“The team can serve as a resource both on and off the field for the youth female players in our area,” said Bolkan. “Whether it’s a platform for players to continue competing in the sport they love or providing mentorship opportunities to our budding local stars, the goal is to use the team as a vehicle for good.”

With a women's team on the field, Bolkan sees a tremendous value add for the substantial amount of female youth players that flood soccer fields every weekend.

What is that new value?

“Access to quality matches,” said Bolkan. “While watching the game on TV is great, you lose perspective of the whole pitch as well as hearing the communication between the players. Being at a game in person provides the opportunity for players to really experience what is going on during a match.”

So how did Bolkan become immersed in the game?

After moving from the US to Brazil at a young age, his love for soccer was born.

With his father teaching at University in Brasilia, Bolkan latched onto the Seleção while becoming a fan of one of Brazil’s most storied clubs, Flamengo.

After 8 years in Brazil, Bolkan moved back to the US with the game in his heart.

Landing in Davis, he would follow the path of many local youth players by joining Davis AYSO and later competing for Davis High School.

Since that time, he noted how much the soccer landscape has changed.

“I remember in the late 80's and early 90's soccer games in the US having commercial breaks, during the match! It was so bizarre,” Bolkan said. “Now there are networks dedicated to the game for teams and leagues across the globe.”

This change, as Bolkan noted, increased awareness, especially for the women’s game. With more awareness, new opportunities arose.

Now Bolkan sits at the helm of a team that can have a life changing impact for female players in our local area. Something that up until this point in time has never existed before.

When asked about what excites him most?

“The ability to turn my passion for the game into something tangible while creating a club that will serve the community and players for years to come.”

With his vast experience, local ties, and love for the game, Bolkan has the ability do just that.

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