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After 6 successful seasons, FC Davis is taking the next step in our goal to be a 100% community run, managed, and operated club, propelling us closer to our vision to create a club that embodies the heart and soul of Davis.

To do so, FC Davis will offer memberships that provide every member a direct stake in the club's decision-making process. By empowering our supporters, we aim to strengthen ties to our local community while ensuring the club's future is shaped collaboratively with the democratic will of our dedicated fans.

The 2024 season will mark the first step in our two-year transition. The first year will be a formation and strategic planning period, putting the pieces in place for a full transition in Fall of 2024.

Are ready to take your soccer fandom to the next level? If so, read more below:

What Are We Building?

  • We are building a 100% community run, managed, and operated club, with every member having a direct vote in shaping the club's decision-making processes.


Why Are We Building It? 

  • FC Davis boasts a sizeable amount devoted fans who are deeply committed to our community, passionate about the game, and dedicated to the club's long-term success. Our aim is to empower our fan-base and replicate the achievements of community operated clubs from around the world, creating a stable organization that provides more than just soccer activities for our town.

How Many Members Do We Plan To Have? 

  • Our goal to have 1,000 members in three years.

Who Is This For?

  • If you feel strongly about having a soccer club that represents the heart and soul of Davis, this club is for you.

  • If you believe soccer clubs should embody the spirit of the people of Davis, this club is for you.

  • If you believe in OPEN soccer, this club is for you.

  • If you believe in the influence soccer clubs can have on shaping local identity, this club is for you.

  • If you believe that soccer clubs can be more than just sports entities, and agents of social connection, this club is for you.

What Is Our Mission?

  • Welcome to a community-driven soccer club where belief, passion, and unity converge to create a soccer experience that resonates with the essence of Davis. 

    At our core, we believe in the power of soccer clubs as dynamic hubs for fostering community unity. This belief drives our commitment to creating a club that goes beyond the field—a club that embodies the heart and soul of Davis, representing the unique spirit of our community, while being winners on the field.

Why Become A Member?

  • Become Part of Our Towns Club: Our Members vote on the biggest decisions clubs can make. From jersey designs to nominating members of the board, your vote is what will shape FC Davis for years to come. The club is supported and democratically run by members on a one member one vote basis.

  • Not-For-Profit: FC Davis is run in a profitable way, but will be a not-for-profit organization. This means that all money raised is reinvested in running the club, providing services for members and carrying out work in our community.

  • Share our Vision: Our local members are passionate fans of FC Davis and open soccer, and we welcome membership from soccer enthusiasts beyond our town who share our mission. Placing supporters at the core of our club demonstrates our commitment to fans and their powerful say in shaping the direction of FC Davis.

  • Community Unity: Join a family of fans who share your passion for the game. Whether it's pre-match tailgates, watch parties, or online forums, our community is all about the love of soccer and making memories together.

  • The Kids of the Game: Young fans and players have an integral role at FC Davis. The future of the club rests in the hands of many of Many junior activities that take place throughout each season and junior members can help to plan these for themselves.

What is Included in My Membership?

  • Universal Season Pass: Each Member will receive a Universal Season Pass to all men's and women's home matches.

  • Voting Rights: Each year, members will gather for an Annual General Meeting for a review of the current national landscape, a review of the prior season, a forecast of the coming season and to vote on board seats, major club decisions, and strategic plans.

  • Eligibility for Board Seat: Some members just want to provide silent support. Some members want to get involved. A membership will allow you the ability to run for a board seat or any committee seat, as the organization will look to tap into our membership network to power the team each season.

  • Season Kick-Off Party: Invite to our season kick off party prior to the first match of the season.

  • Local Perks: Get special offers and discounts to all of our team partner businesses.

How to Score Your Membership?

  • Season Passes: FC Davis memberships are sold in the form of season passes. That means, when you buy your season pass, you automatically become a member.

  • Cost: The cost of our membership/season pass is $50.

  • How to Purchase: To purchase your membership, click HERE.

Important Dates:

  • December 14th - January 5th: MEMBERSHIP OFFERING SOLD OUT

  • January 8th: New Members Meeting

  • January 10th - January 24th: MEMBERSHIP OFFERING SOLD OUT

  • February 6th: New Members Meeting

  • February 18th - February 25th: Private Round of 2024 Memberships Open (50 available)

  • March 4th: New Members Meeting

  • March 3rd - March 17th: Fourth round of 2024 Memberships Open (50 available)

  • April 3rd: New Members Meeting

  • June 12th: Full Members Meeting


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