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FC Davis Fighting To Hold On To Final Playoff Spot

Tonight FC Davis hits the road to take on Napa Valley 1839 7:00pm at Dodd Stadium.

A win for the Golden Lions would keep the team two points ahead in the playoff standings.

A loss for Davis would give the Sonoma County Sol and East Bay Stompers the opportunity to move into the final playoff spot with three games remaining.

During their first match-up, FC Davis easily handled Napa Valley cruising to a 2-0 victory at Aggie Stadium.

The Golden Lions will look to repeat their performance on the road against a Napa Valley side who will be returning a slew of players back from injury.

The home side will feel confident with 4 starters back in the lineup. The team dropped points without their full squad available over the course of the past three weeks.

Both sides will be looking to take points in what should be an exiting clash as FC Davis visits Napa Valley!

Game updates

Game updates will be made available on the FC Davis Twitter Account.

Go Go Golden Lions!

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