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FC Davis Partners With DARSL To Grow Davis Adult Soccer

FC Davis and Davis Adult Recreational Soccer League (DARSL) are teaming up to grow the Davis adult soccer community.

DARSL, a co-ed league that has both a competitive weeknight and a less competitive Sunday league, serves as a home for adult players looking to compete in our areas most popular sport.

With a community filled of soccer enthusiasts, the two organizations plan to build a league that is inclusive to players of all skill levels.

"DARSL has been a staple of the Davis soccer landscape for years," said FC Davis owner Adam Lewin.

"After conversations with league president Gilda Moadab, leveraging FCD to help grow the adult soccer community was an opportunity we both knew couldn't be passed up."

Initial improvements can already be seen, with DARSL now having its own website. The new website houses league information and serves as a sign-up portal for current and future players.

A big emphasis of the league moving forward is the social component for its members.

"One of the rewarding parts about playing in an adult league is the social aspect the game provides," said Lewin. "Soccer is a great way to stay active while building new social circles and being part of a close-knit community. We plan to prioritize creating a league that is just as enjoyable off the field as it is on the field."

Additional items for this year include:

  • Playoffs/Championship with adult teams from surrounding towns

  • Monthly social events calendar

  • FC Davis supporters group

  • 7v7 adult tournament

  • Expanded weeknight and weekend leagues

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in DARSL, sign-up as a free agent at the link below. You can also start your own teams with friends by going to the new team section of the website.

The 2019 spring season kicks off April 6th!

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