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FC Davis Open Tryouts: Keeping and Inspiring Dreams

In an effort to continue building a roster with local talent, FC Davis will hold open tryouts for the 2019 NPSL season on Sunday, February 10th in Davis.

Open tryouts represent FC Davis' push to showcase local talent on a national stage.

“We want our roster to reflect the local soccer community and pad it with gifted players from outside the area,” said FC Davis owner Adam Lewin. “How many players do you know with no outlet to showcase their abilities? Unless you follow a narrow path that gets more restrictive every year, the opportunity to take a step forward becomes unattainable. As a result, many of our best local players get lost and whither away.”

Instead of a player having to uproot their life for a chance to make a roster, Lewin envisions a structure where players can continue their professional development off the field while providing an organization that allows players to keep their dreams alive on it.

“We want players that come from our area to know we are here for them. That if they stay focused and continue to work hard on the field they have an organization that provides them opportunities. It allows players to stay close to their families and communities while being given a platform on the soccer field to attain any aspirations they may have.” said Lewin.

While the FC Davis roster will mostly be made up of players 18 and above, a pillar of the club is to provide talented youth players a chance to experience a higher level of play. With a commitment to bringing on at least two high school players every year, the team serves as a realistic goal for aspiring youth players to achieve.

“We want kids in our area to aim to play for FC Davis, to see it as an attainable goal to improve their lives,” Lewin said. “We have youth players such as JJ Guerra being developed in Dixon. We need more JJ’s. Jalil Anibaba was developed in Davis. We need more Jalil's. Hopefully as the infrastructure of our local clubs improve, we start to develop players that can train and play with FCD on a regular basis. Not only will this allow them to stay close to home and continue to play high school and local club soccer, it will also provide them a spotlight to more forward their individual goals within the game.”

2019 FC Davis tryout information and registration can at the following link:

Any questions regarding tryouts can be sent to

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