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FC Davis Women's Semi-Pro Team Kick-Off Meeting

This Saturday, 3:00pm at Woodstock’s Pizza, FC Davis is hosting a kick-off meeting for the 2020 Women's Semi-Pro Team project.

The FC Davis women’s team will be supporter-owned, meaning members of our greater soccer community will own, run and vote on all team matters. That's right, you pull the strings!

At the meeting, the following will be discussed:

  • The State of Women’s Soccer

  • Our plan to help improve women’s soccer in our local area

  • How the team provides opportunities for our youth on and off the field

  • How you can be involved

  • The financial and organizational structure of the team

If you would like us to hold a seat in your name, go to the link HERE. Otherwise feel free to come by and enjoy the conversation! Kids are welcome and can interact with FC Davis men's players who will be in attendance.

We hope you can join us this Saturday for a great afternoon!

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