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Dominance: The Davis High School Girls Soccer Program

Photo by Evan Ream


Also known as superiority.








No matter what term is used, they all apply to the Davis High School girls soccer program and the four year reign they levied upon NorCal opponents. On a cold Thursday night in Rocklin, that dominance came knocking on Granite Bay’s door.

With a line-up stacked full of future and imminent NCAA stars, Davis out-shot their opponent 22-1 in a sectional championship game that showcased the best team Sac-Joaquin Valley had left to offer the Blue Devils.

When the final whistle blew, Davis strutted off the field with their fourth straight section title in tow.

While four titles in four years is an impressive stat, it doesn’t paint the picture of how good these Davis girls truly were. To do that, you need stats. The numbers below, as crazy as they may seem, are totals amassed by Davis High over the past four seasons (courtesy of Evan Ream):

Games: 93

Wins: 84

Draws: 8

Losses: 1

Goals for: 501

Goals against: 35

Goal differential: +466

League Titles: 4

Section Titles: 4

You can point to only one loss in 93 games, a stat which seems to defy the odds for an amount of matches where off days and bad luck will usually cost a team 6 or 7 contests.

You can point to the number of league titles, a perfect 4/4.

You can point to the number of section titles, a perfect 4/4.

But aside from the wins, the titles, and unbeaten seasons, to truly grasp how elite this group has been, only one stat needs to be viewed: An astonishing +466 goal differential.

A +466 goal differential puts the DHS girls average margin of victory at over 5 goals per game. A number most would assume is impossible to sustain for a 4 match period, let alone over a 4 year period.

We may never see a stretch like this again. Not just in Davis, but in our greater area.

The mix of talent and balance passing through the DHS girls soccer ranks is reserved for only a few teams in any sport.

The first goal of the sectional title game was scored by Paige Rubinstein and assisted by Maya Doms. When the next time a high school team in our area will have two future Stanford players combine for a goal in a championship match is anyone's guess.

But to accomplish such great feats, you need more than just superstars.

You need more than just goals and good coaching.

You need to be a team.

And when push comes to shove, that's exactly what these girls were.

A team.

A dominant one at that.

Congratulations to coach Sara Stone, the Davis High School girls soccer team and the class of 2019, all of whom played an integral part of a magical four years.

DHS Girls Soccer Class of 2019:

Sasha Ballowe

Alana Curtis

Yasmeen Dmeiri - UC Davis

Maya Doms - Stanford

Sherlyn Garcia

Chella Grattet

Madison Johnson

Aniela Mitchell - University of Chicago

Ruthie Mitchell - University of Chicago

Paige Rubinstein - Stanford

Skye Shaffer - Santa Barbara

Additional non-senior NCAA Division I commitments include:

Lily Byrne - Colorado College

McKenna Lutzker - LMU

*The Davis High girls soccer team will compete in the recently formed regional playoffs. Regionals kick-off this coming Tuesday. Davis High is a potential location for this match. Check back for a time and location and come out to support the girls.

*Davis will be without US National Team player Maya Doms, who will be with the U20 National Team for the remainder of the high school season.

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