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Torres Strike Gives Davis Win In Battle of Golden Gate Heavyweights

On a warm summer night, the clash between Golden Gate Conference heavyweights FC Davis and El Farolito lived up to pre-match expectations.

While a glimpse at the final score may not have raised any eyebrows, the action on the field had everyone in attendance on the edge of their seats.

FC Davis came into the match in first place and with a game in hand over El Farolito, who sat one point behind Davis in third place.

Due to the teams only playing each other once this season, the battle for all three points weighed heavily on the mind of both teams.

The game started off with El Farolito taking control of possession, a trend that would continue throughout the match. The Bay Area side is known for playing with extreme width that makes it difficult for opposing teams to close down the flank areas as the game goes on and legs tire.

After a couple of half chances for each team, the visitors had one of their best chances of the night off a free kick outside the box.

Coming from the right hand side, a left footed shot from 35 yards out clattered off the upright and kept the score at 0-0.

While El Farolito controlled possession, Davis began to threaten on the counter attack as the match went on.

Once the midfield duo of Onah Power and Noah Wilson began jumping passing lanes, speedy forward Evan Barrett sprang into action.

Around the halfway mark of the first half, the Lions began to put pressure on SF, nearly missing three consecutive opportunities.

First, Miguel Acevedo had a chance scream past the right post after a sleek three pass combination with Andisheh Bagheri.

Andisheh Bagheri then had his own opportunity blocked by an El Farolito defender that was destine for the bottom right corner.

Finally Kennedy Chongo had a cross zip through the six yard box only to have two Golden Lion players come inches from getting a foot on it.

By the end of the first half, it was clear that while the visitors had possession, Davis had most the threatening chances.

The half-time whistle also broke up some chippy play, which saw the referee start handing out a plethora of cards to both teams.

Kicking off the second half it was more of the same.

El Farolito had the majority of possession and while looking threatening at times, never had much going towards the Davis net.

The away sides best chance came off a header in the opening minutes when a Davis turn over at midfield led to an early cross into the box that was put just over the bar.

As the half progressed, two things became apparent:

  1. Both teams were looking to avoid red cards

  2. The Davis wingers were growing in stature as the counter attacks took their toll on the El Farolito defenders.

With 20 minutes remaining, The game swung. Davis gained an advantage when El Faroltio received a red card for a late challenge on Evan Barrett.

Five minutes after gaining a man advantage, FC Davis struck when Noah Wilson took the ball on a counter-attack and found Lizandro Torres at the back post.

However after the goal was scored, El Farolito looked more dangerous with 10 men then with 11. Constantly pushing players forward and pinning Davis back in their half.

While the visitors still controlled possession even with a player down, it was a mirror image of the first half. A lot of the ball with no clear chances.

When the final whistle blew, the back line of Laughlin, Wright, Negrete, Ford and Alvarez held strong as Davis took all three points on the night.

The Golden Lions face Sacramento Gold this weekend in the first installment of the 2019 Causeway Clasico.

FC Davis next home match is another huge fixture when 2nd place Napa Valley 1839 vists Davis on Saturday night, May 11th at 7:00 PM.

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