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Building The Future: 2022 NPSL Open Tryouts

In an effort to continue building a roster with top local talent that showcases on a national stage, FC Davis will hold open tryouts for the 2022 NPSL season on Sunday, February 27th in Davis.

Due to COVID-19, Sundays tryout will mark the first time FC Davis host open tryouts since 2019.

"Every season, we seek to assemble the top players from our greater area and show the rest of the nation what our corner of the country has to offer," said FC Davis owner Adam Lewin. "It's a special part of our commitment to the local soccer community, one we deeply believe in and one we feel plays a larger part in keeping our soccer ecosystem healthy."

FC Davis head coach Kris Hall echoed those statements.

“We want our roster to reflect the local soccer community,” said Hall. “That is what FC Davis represents, a place where local excellence has a platform regardless of your playing history, age, or background. If you're good enough, you play.”

For the past two seasons, FC Davis showed they harbor the talent to compete with teams from across the United States. After winning back-to-back regular season titles and finishing as a top 10 club in the nation, the Lions will look to continue one of the most unlikely stories in division 4 soccer and go for a three-peat.

To date, the Lions roster saw eight future professionals put on the black and gold, while providing a home for three former MLS players. Last month, 2021 FC Davis standout and Sacramento State product Tyler Moss signed with FC Tucson. Currently, former MLS and Cal product Alec Sundly patrols the Lions midfield.

2022 FC Davis tryout information and registration can at the following link:

Any questions regarding tryouts can be sent to


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