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FC Davis 2021-2022 High School All-Area Awards

It's no secret high school soccer is one of the most memorial experiences for student-athletes. Representing your school and community on the field is accompanied by a special set of emotions that are unique to high school games.

Every year FC Davis High School All-Area Awards highlight our outstanding players, teams, and coaches for each winter season. Award voting takes place for two week block February, with fans and coaches selecting the award recipients.

We are excited to announce the categories for our 2021 - 2022 High School All-Area Awards. Awards will be released at the end of February and will include the following categories:

  • All-Area Boys Player of the Year

  • All-Area Girls Player of the Year

  • All-Area Boys Coach of the Year

  • All-Area Girls Coach of the Year

  • All-Area Boys Team of the Year

  • All-Area Girls Team of the Year

All-Area player selections will be made from the following schools:

  • Davis High School

  • Dixon High School

  • Esparto High School

  • Pioneer High School

  • Vacaville High School

  • Winters High School

  • Wood High School

  • Woodland High School

This season, FC Davis will seek to organize a High School All-Area game that brings together the top 30 high school players for an East vs West All-Star Game. The East vs West All-Star Game will take place at the beginning of March in Davis.

Good luck to all of our local area high school players. We will be watching!


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