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FC Davis Community College Program Launching Fall 2022

In partnership with Dixon Leon Soccer Club, Woodland Soccer Club, AYSO United Davis, and Vacaville United Soccer Club, FC Davis is proud to announce FC Davis U, a local community college program that provides a pathway for players to obtain their two-year degree while competing on the field with our area's top graduating high school talent.

Currently, players have to travel to Sacramento or Napa in order to compete for a community college team. The distance and cost for daily trips to these locations is prohibitive for many players in our community. Starting in fall of 2022, FC Davis is providing a unique solution to these obstacles with the introduction of a local university program.

“FCDU started by asking one question: Why should local players have to travel long distances to gain a two year degree and play college soccer?”, said AYSO United Director of Coaching and FC Davis owner Adam Lewin. “I bounced the question off soccer leaders from our partner clubs and it led to a wide ranging discussion on the imbalance and negative impact the void of a local two year program has on our players and their families. We decided to come together, leverage existing infrastructure, and create a platform that not only replicates a community college program, but raises the standards.”

Athletically, FC Davis U plans to enter the UPSL, an adult amateur league in the fourth division of American soccer. Competing outside of the traditional CCCAA system allows players to compete in a year-long competitive calendar instead of a two to three month season. Playing a longer season aids player development, reduces the risk of injury, and helps facilitate one of FC Davis U’s larger goals of placing players in programs at four year schools, with a focus on universities in Northern California.

Academically, FC Davis U student-athletes are required to attend Woodland Community College. Using TAG and ADT admission program requirements as academic eligibility standards, FCDU participants will to gain guaranteed and priority entry to a UC or CSU upon completion of their two years. The program also requires mandatory internship hours, providing student-athletes a professional foundation to build upon through out their time in college.

“VUSC is incredibly excited about our partnership with FC Davis U", said Vacaville United Executive Director and Director of Coaching Kris Hall. "We recently started a college bound program as many of our high school age players have expressed interest in continuing their soccer journeys. We are very pleased to be an original member of FC Davis U which offers more local opportunities. With thousands of athletic programs closing nation wide due to the COVID pandemic, it’s amazing to see community leaders coming together to create educational and athletic pathways for future generations!”

To evaluate and recruit top local players, FC Davis will launch a College Development Program (CDP) in spring of 2022. FC Davis CPD is a high school program designed to bring together the top twenty-four U17 and U19 players from our partner clubs for once a month training. A select number of FC Davis CDP spots are reserved for student-athletes in the greater Fairfield and Sacramento area who wish to take advantage of the FC Davis U platform.

"There is excitement in the community for FC Davis U”, said Woodland Soccer Club Director of Coaching Luis Gomez. “Players will be able to develop on the field while working towards their two year degree at Woodland Community College. This will help prepare our student-athletes both intellectually and socially for life after soccer."

High school players interested in FC Davis U will have access to a player portal alongside full program information and opportunities starting on January 1st. All program information will be housed on the FC Davis U webpage starting January 1st.

“Our purpose is to be a community based program that is committed to providing players of all levels and backgrounds the opportunity to play collegiate level soccer, and work towards obtaining their two year degree”, said Dixon Leon SC President Rudy Baltazar. “We will create a pathway and future for our players to be successful in all walks of life. Ultimately we are creating a better future for our community”.

FC Davis U will be funded by a team of partners including FC Davis game day revenue, local businesses, and private donations from our community. The program will seek to raise $30,000 annually to support student-athletes. Local businesses and individuals interested in learning more about supporting FC Davis U can contact Scott Brayton at:

“FC Davis is measured by how far we move the soccer landscape forward”, said Adam Lewin. “When we wake up in the morning, it can’t just be about the soccer. It has to be about something much bigger then that. We want the future to be exciting for our local players. To inspire them to do better, to do more, and to provide them every opportunity to grow. FC Davis U takes us one step closer to helping accomplish this goal."


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