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FC Davis Embarks on Pro Women's Soccer Journey

DAVIS, CA - FC Davis is proud to announce the formation of an exploratory committee to pursue an expansion team in WPSL PRO, a new division 3 professional league that is aiming to launch in 2025.

The WPSL, the world's most tenured and largest women's soccer league, has been considering adding professional soccer to its playing platform. With the creation of WPSL PRO, the league is taking an exciting step towards growing professional women's soccer in the United States and attaining a long sought after goal. This new initiative will create fresh avenues for women and young girls to pursue careers in various roles, such as athletes, coaches, referees, and club and league staff.

"We are thrilled to announce that we are exploring the possibility of bringing a WPSL PRO team to Davis," said Cem Bolkan, President of FC Davis Women. "Our vision is to inspire the next generation of young women to achieve greatness on and off the field, and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that."

The formation of the exploratory committee marks the first step in a comprehensive process that will involve researching and analyzing the feasibility of launching a WPSL PRO team in Davis. This will include evaluating potential venues for home games, securing financial backing, assessing local interest from the business community, and surveying local fan support for a professional women's team. FC Davis Women is committed to transparency and inclusivity and welcomes feedback and input from the community throughout the process.

"WPSL PRO presents a unique opportunity for clubs across the country, offering conditions that make operating a club at this level possible for locations outside of large cities,” said FC Davis founder Adam Lewin. "The timing is perfect for this undertaking, and if successful, the WPSL will have opened the doors to professional women’s soccer for hundreds of communities across the country, including Davis."

Additional information on the journey to bring WPSL PRO to the Davis community, including a launch article on March 20th, will be made available through FC Davis social media channels and distribution lists.


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