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FC Davis Title Scenarios

FC Davis vs San Ramon - June 8th, 2019

FC Davis heads into a bye weekend on the verge of clinching their first ever NPSL regular season conference title.

The Lions currently sit in first place with 20 points and two games remaining.

As the soccer spirits have it, the Sacramento Gold are the only team that can catch FCD. The Gold have 13 points with three games remaining. The maximum amount of points the Gold can finish with is 22.

Here are all the scenarios that will hand the Lions their first Golden Gate Conference title this weekend, even while not stepping foot on the field.

1. Sacramento loses Saturday night against Sonoma County Sol

The Lions can clinch the title without a boot kicking a ball this weekend.

Sacramento Gold host the Sonoma County Sol on Saturday night. If Sonoma beat the Gold, it will hand Davis the title.

2. FC Davis wins one of two remaining games.

FC Davis sits on 20 points with two games remaining.

If the Lions win one game and reach 23 points, the title goes to Davis.

3. Sacramento Gold loses any of their three remaining games.

Currently the Sacramento Gold hold the tie-breaker over Davis due to being the only team this season to defeat the Lions.

If the Gold lose against Sonoma, Davis, or El Farolito, it will hand Davis the title.

It will be an exciting finish to one of the best regular season playoff races in the country for the NPSL.

Be there next Saturday when the Lions battle Sacramento Gold at 7:00pm for the Golden Gate Conference title!

Be there and be LOUD!

Up the Lions!!!


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