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Lion's Hunt US Open Cup Bid, Await January Announcement

The US Open Cup is one of the world's longest running soccer tournaments.

Every year, MLS teams to amateur teams battle from Match to August until the top club in America is crowned.

The thrill of watching teams from various levels of US soccer compete against each other make the tournament a must watch event.

Upsets, known as "cupsets", dominate soccer headlines every iteration of the tournament.

Last season, Orange County FC from the NPSL beat two USL teams before falling to LA Galaxy on their home-field.

That's right, Davis could be playing LAFC on a field near you!

For Davis, US Open Cup qualification is achieved through the NPSL regular and post season. Historically, the league receives 10 - 12 bids. Teams are chosen based off a mixture of regular season points per game and playoff finishes with the goal of placing as many of the top teams in the league into the tournament as possible.

Since the US Open Cup begins in March, the tournament uses the prior seasons results for bids to the current years tournament. For example, the 2020 US Open Cup beings in March. For NPSL team selection, the tournament will use the 2019 season results.

In 2019, the Lion's claimed the Golden Gate Conference Championship and finished 10th in the country in PPG, sandwiched between FC Baltimore and Detroit City FC. Such a high PPG puts the team in prime position to receive a bid for this coming years tournament, even with an early first round playoff exit.

Official bids are announced in January with a preliminary list of teams notified by December.

FC Davis will look to become the first US Open Cup participant in Davis' history.

Stay tuned for more US Open Cup announcements!


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