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The Lioness Club

FC Davis strives to be is a place where our local culture is celebrated, a hub for the gathering of our closest friends, and an organization that champions the best that our small piece of California has to offer.

Of all the initiatives we undertake, none are more important than pursing equality through the platform that gives us our voice - the beautiful game of soccer.

Women's soccer is a critical part of the infrastructure of our community; a sport that has created countless role models and inspired children and young women to strive and achieve greatness in all areas of their life; to think bold, to think different, and to think big.

In Davis, we can contribute to this infrastructure by building a home that welcomes female players from all different backgrounds, providing an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents, while spotlighting our town on a national stage.

The Lioness rely on the contributions of our local community to bring each WPSL season to life. We hope you join our annual mission to ensure that Davis will always be a home for talented female soccer players, proving opportunities to the current generation, while inspiring the next generation so close behind.

The Lioness Club seeks 100 individuals and families to contribute $100 to reach our yearly goal of $10,000 to support our female athletes. Last season, our Founding Members raised over $11,000 in support of our inaugural WPSL season. Lioness Club memberships will be made available on Monday, May 23rd. To join our Lioness Club distribution list, please click HERE.

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