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Youth Internship Program Kicks Off February 2020

Finding your first job is hard.

Finding your first internship can be even harder.

The hardest part?

Finding someone to give you a chance!

In today's environment, it seems every company requires “experience”. What many students painfully find out is experience is hard to come by if no one is willing to give it.

That’s where the Lions come into play.

This February, FC Davis is starting a new internship program for students in our community, Learn with the Lions. Internships are eligible for kids aged 16 - 22 that reside in Davis or that attend Davis High School. The program is designed for those that aspire to one day work in sports and civic engagement.

Unique to the program is a focus on giving opportunities to applicants that have little to no experience, flipping a requirement that has limited the opportunities for so many kids to start their professional foundation.

“We want to leverage our platform to help local students gain an advantage when building their C.V.,” said FC Davis owner Adam Lewin. “It’s a competitive world. We need to do our part to give kids in our community a leg up.”

Focusing on skill sets that will translate across multiple disciplines, interns will have the chance to gain experience in areas such as:

  • Community Relations - work within our community and with our partners to better where we live.

  • Corporate Relations - work with our business community to help promote the places that mark our town unique.

  • Organizational Planning and Execution - plan and organize the future of FC Davis.

  • Special Projects - work to create your own outreach program to enhance our town.

  • Event Management - learn what it takes to plan and execute an event while managing staff.

  • Content Creation - take pictures, make videos, bring our story to life on and off the field.

  • On-Air Media and Media Relations - Plan and execute a media outreach schedule or you can be the on-air talent interviewing coaches, players and members of game day events!

With a host of opportunities to choose from, the program wants to help students find a focus they are interested in while collaborating with different disciplines to work as one unit.

“We want our ambitious youth out in the world, brainstorming within teams and figuring out how to solve problems,” said Lewin. “Be curious. Take risks. Learn from it.”

The season long internship beings February and lasts until the end of July with built-in flexibility to adapt to the needs of the Davis community.

Students who are interested in taking part in the program can fill out the form located in the link at the bottom of the page.

Applications close on February 2nd.

Interviews will take place until February 9th.

Decisions are made February 12th.


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