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AYSO United Davis, FC Davis Form Youth Partnership

Davis lives and breathes soccer.

Spend one Saturday in town and you will figure out why.

Every field across the city is filled with youth games, pickup games, college games, and parents taking their children to the park for their first kicks of the ball.

Since 2017, FC Davis has sought to connect our local soccer scene, creating an ecosystem of opportunities for local residents to play and watch soccer. Within that ecosystem exist important partnerships. These partnerships promote organizations that align with our deep community-centric values.

The concept of FC Davis began by establishing a men's team that would serve as a foundation for all things soccer in Davis. In a short period of time, the Lions won the Golden Gate Conference title, qualified for the US Open Cup, and established a following that allowed for the organization to grow the game across multiple platforms in our local area.

In 2018, this foundation was built upon when FC Davis partnered with Davis AYSO, our town’s youth soccer organization. Davis AYSO is home to nearly 2,000 youth players in our community and continues to be the life blood for the sport in Davis. Nearly every single soccer player in town has roots that lead back to AYSO.

Adding to the list of partnerships was important at the adult recreation level. To grow adult soccer, FC Davis and DARSL teamed up to expand the amount of offered teams and create a digital footprint for the league. A new website was created and a registration push saw the league hit capacity.

In 2019, FC Davis took on the women’s game. Starting a first of its kind community run team, the Lioness gained acceptance to the WPSL giving Davis its first ever women's team. Club memberships for the Lioness sold out, proving a concept that towns across America can use to start teams of their own and grow women’s soccer.

In 2020, FC Davis furthered its offerings for local high school players, adding a community college team to fill the void of a program west of the Causeway. Without a local option to play community college soccer, much of our top local talent stopped competing after their senior year. FC Davis Futures seeks to fill this gap and plans to hit the field in fall of 2021.

Today, FC Davis is thrilled to announce a partnership with AYSO United Davis to expand access to community-centric year-round soccer programming for youth players. This partnership furthers both organizations goal to use soccer as a platform for good in our local community.

The union will see joint promotions of community events to get more of our youth out on the pitch playing soccer with their friends while growing the culture of the game within Davis. From camps, pick up nights, and tournaments, a range of offerings will be made available through the partnership. Some of these offerings will expand to our adult players to create a “Soccer City” for all the soccer loving residents in Davis.

AYSO United Davis is a new community-based competitive soccer club that provides a year-round experience that enriches young athletes’ lives through sport and community service. The program is grounded in AYSO philosophies and aligned with the advanced development needs of youth players in the community.

Equally as impactful is the off field programming AYSO United Davis is offering to players. The AYSO United Davis’ Volunteer Opportunity In Community Engagement (VOICE) Program uses soccer as a platform to positively enhance the lives of young athletes and their families by providing opportunities to find, develop, and utilize their interests through volunteerism and life skill workshops with organizations within our community. The program is designed to grow with the player and provide a range of opportunities, experiences, and skills that they will carry with them long after graduating from the program.

More information on FC Davis’ partnership with AYSO United Davis will be released over the summer.

AYSO United Davis is hosting a Town Hall this Wednesday at 8:00PM for those interested in learning more about the program. Registration for the United Town Hall can be found HERE.

United tryout sign ups can be accessed by clicking HERE.

If you have any questions about the program, please email


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