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COVID-19 Update - NPSL Season Announcement

Yesterday, the NPSL Board of Directors held a conference call to vote on keeping the 2020 NPSL season intact as a national format.

Due to COVID-19 spread, the virus has the potential to cause disruptions in pockets of the US that would impact all 100 teams.

With the size, scope and connectivity of teams in the NPSL, starting a nationwide league only to put a halt to competition was not in the best interest of fans, players and the league as a whole. As a result, the national format was voted to be cancelled.

In response, conferences around the country are moving to a regional format to localize competition. This reduces the risk of a situation in Florida or New York impacting clubs in the Midwest, South and on the West Coast.

FC Davis is currently building out a competition in coordination with teams in the Golden Gate Conference and Southwest Conference.

The format would mirror our regular season and playoff format, with the Northern California champion potentially playing the Southern California Champion.

The competition start date would be consistent with leagues such as the NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, WPSL and CDC recommendations. The earliest start day would be the last weekend of May. The summer competition would end in late August.

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 spread, we will be monitoring the situation over the coming months. Updates will be made available every week.

Until then we hope you wash your hands, stay inside and keep safe! Our community is in our thoughts and we can't wait to see everyone at the field soon.


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