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Davis Roars to Victory in NPSL National Playoffs First Round

San Ramon, CA - After an eventful regular season, the Davis Lions displayed their true potential as they triumphed over San Ramon FC with a resounding 2-0 victory on Sunday night at Tiffany Roberts Stadium, securing their advancement to the next round of the 2023 NPSL National Playoffs.

Throughout the season, the Lions had been working diligently to find their rhythm, assembling one of the most talented teams the organization has ever fielded. Despite encountering countless closely contested matches, their progress was hindered by missed opportunities and a run of bad luck.

The tides changed on Saturday night when Davis delivered an almost flawless performance, dominating the field for a full 90 minutes and effectively neutralizing the formidable San Ramon FC. The Lions' defensive line, comprising Sean Bilter, Ty Shikashio, Kenzo Morabia, and Michael Adayeye, skillfully thwarted a dynamic San Ramon FC front line. Any attempts on goal were dealt with by Davis' goalkeeper, Matias Herrera.

On the offensive front, JP Herrera and Lucas Fernandez-Kim showcased their prowess in midfield, dictating the game's tempo for the Lions. Meanwhile, the dynamic attacking trio of Wumi Aladetimi, Aaron Farnan, and Ryan Dieter consistently posed problems for San Ramon's defense throughout the match.

It was Aaron Farnan who secured the lead for the Lions in the first half, and later, Zach Batchelder's pass found its mark to Soroosh Salari-Namin, sealing the victory for Davis.

The Lions are set to host El Farolito in the conference semi-final round on Saturday night, with the match scheduled for 7:00 PM at Playfields.

Tickets for the highly anticipated game will be available for purchase starting Wednesday night.


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