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Playoff DeJa Vu As Top Seeded Lions Drop In First Round

After a near perfect regular season, a familiar feeling settled in at the final whistle on Saturday night.

Just as in 2019, the Lions finished the regular season with only one loss and a goal differential over double of their closest competition.

Yet after the opening round, Davis was left wondering what if.

Sonoma came storming out of the gates, putting pressure on the Davis goal that led to a break through in under 10 minutes. Off a corner, the ball traveled untouched to the back post where a Sol player was waiting for an easy tap in.

After the opening goal, it was more Sonoma with chances coming in from all directions. FC Davis net-minder and Woodland native Gerardo Perez-Plata kept the scoreline within one goal after a quadruple save followed by another double save. Shortly after, Sacramento State product Antonio Andres cleared a ball off the line that kept the Lions within striking distance.

Amidst the chaos, Davis would find their moment in the match. After earning a corner, Ty Shikashio buried a rebound that brought the score level at one goal a piece.

Just as the tide seemed to be turning in the Lions favor, an awkward clearance led to an open goal opportunity for the Sol, who took advantage of the mistake from Davis and went into halftime leading 1-2.

The second half saw the Lions come out the gates quick, creating a flurry of chances that seemed to go everywhere but in the back of the net.

For 45 minutes, Davis hit multiple posts, missed two open goal chances, and did everything right but tie the score line at 2-2.

Then with 12 minutes remaining, another costly error saw Sonoma score their third goal of the night to ice the game.

The men in black and gold have plenty to be proud of this season. Coming out of COVID and having another spectacular season, winning the regular season title in back to back years.

The organization is gearing up for another big off-season with announcements beginning in the following weeks.

Thank you to all the fans who made this season so memorable. Thank you to all the players who showcased our town and provided us an amazing community outing after such a tough year.


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