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FC Davis Women's Team Founding Members Set Standard

Meet some of our Founders!

After a two year process, FC Davis submitted a bid to bring the town of Davis its first ever adult women's team to compete in the Women's Premier Soccer League.

At the core of the bid was a bet, some would say a gamble, that would put the team in a category of its own.

Breaking the norm for ownership in American sports, FC Davis Women would be supported by the community instead of a single owner. The goal was to prove a new model could work and be replicated across the country. Towns and communities could then copy the structure and start women's teams of their own. The end product would be an abundance of new opportunities and resources for female soccer players over the age of 18 who are chronically undeserved outside of a three month college season.

In a space where you typically only get one shot to achieve success, conservatism can rule the day. This just happened not to be one of them.

"When starting the process, I was told the idea was crazy and not to do it," said FC Davis owner Adam Lewin. "Two years of work very easily could have vanished with one click of a button. I felt the risk was worth it."

What was said to those who said it was a bad idea?

"I told those people you don't know our community. I'm betting on them." said Lewin.

The gamble paid off.

After pushing ahead and putting a structure in place, Cem Bolkan was brought on board to steer the ship alongside a soccer savvy executive board from the local area. Then in late December, news came FC Davis was being rewarded an expansion bid to the WPSL. A victory for a new model of ownership.

With deep ties in the local soccer community and a vision that Davis residents bought into, the team exceeded expectations in the first round of Founding Memberships securing nearly 45% of the 150 allotted memberships in just a week.

"There are very few chances in a persons life, if ever, they can be a part of such a unique project. This is one of those chances," said Lewin. "Every time a goal hits the back of the net or one of our local female stars take the field, our members can say hey, I was part of that. Better yet, I am part of this."

Membership to the women's team comes with a host of opportunities in the club, both within the organization and socially. From forming task force committees to membership parties, members will have a starring role in shaping women's soccer in our area while enjoying the process with like-minded individuals from the local scene on and off the field.

The second round of founding memberships is set to be released February 14th.

"This project is only possible because of Cem, our executive board and our community members," said Lewin. "FC Davis provided the body of the car. Our community members provided the wheels. It truly is an effort and a reflection of people in Davis."

To sign up and receive information on the second round of Founding Memberships for the FC Davis Women's team, you can sign-up at the link below.


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